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Hitting Send just got easier.

Email has many moving pieces in its journey to the inbox. 250ok measures every critical detail from pre-send optimization, to intra-send analytics and diagnostics, to post-send reputation analysis.

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Our comprehensive suite offers unprecedented visibility into email performance.

Around the Clock

Deploy and measure DMARC compliance

Analyze complaint rates with feedback loops

Record spam trap hits and phishing abuse

Monitor SPF and DKIM authentication

Before You Send

Test inbox placement and spam filters

Preview your campaign on 30+ mail clients

Validate and optimize your content

Know if you're blacklisted

While You Send

Monitor inbox, spam, and missing mail

Analyze opens, read time, and engagement

Track devices, platforms, and mail clients

Review spam filter and ISP diagnostics

"250ok helps us quickly identify senders who may not be getting optimized delivery results. This way the team can focus on working with customers instead of reviewing piles of data."

Kiersti Esparza
Privacy Team Manager at Marketo

"Great group of people who really know the business inside and out. They have some of the most advanced and sophisticated features of anyone in the industry."

Tim Starr
Senior Director of Deliverability, Maropost

"[250ok] provides reliable real-time information to help us keep our email flowing smoothly ... amazingly useful in identifying issues before they become big problems."

Vick Khera
Co-Founder & CTO, MailerMailer

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