API Guide

Create Child Account

This API allows you to create a new child account. Successful account creation will result in the API returning the ID of the new child account. Data is returned in the following formats: XML, JSON, CSV and Serialized.

Required headers: X-API-KEY
Optional headers: ACCEPT (json, xml, csv, serialized)
Method: POST

Endpoint URL:


Sample Output:



Parameter Description Acceptable Values Required
email The unique/valid email of the child account. Valid email Y
password The password for the account. String Y
name The account/company name of the child account. String Y
contact The first and last name of the account's primary contact. String N
title The job title of the account's primary contact. String N
phone The phone number of the account's primary contact. String N
forcepasswordreset Force the user to reset their password on the first login. 0 (default), 1 N
inherit_expiration Inherit product expiration dates from the parent account 0 (default), 1 N
external_id An external id used for single signon / third party authentication. String (50) N
account_volume The monthly mailing volume of this account for volume-priced customers. Integer Y*
inbox Pass "y" or "n" to enable Inbox. y, n Y
inbox_expiration Date the account's Inbox access should expire. yyyy-mm-dd Y*
inbox_type Should be set to professional. pro, express Y*
max_inbox The maximum amount of campaigns this account can create. Integer Y*
inbox_period Should tests be allocated annually or monthly? annual, monthly Y*
blacklist Pass "y" or "n" to enable Blacklist. y, n Y
blacklist_expiration Date the account's Blacklist access should expire. yyyy-mm-dd Y*
max_blacklist The maximum number of blacklist items this account can monitor. Integer Y*
reputation Pass "y" or "n" to enable Reputation. y, n Y
reputation_expiration Date the account's Reputation access should expire. yyyy-mm-dd Y*
design Pass "y" or "n" to enable Design. y, n Y
design_expiration Date the account's Design access should expire. yyyy-mm-dd Y*
max_design The maximum amount of design tests per month. 10, 25, 50, 100, 1000 Y*
emailinformant Pass "y" or "n" to enable Analytics. y, n Y
emailinformant_expiration Date the account's Analytics access should expire. yyyy-mm-dd Y*
max_emailinformant The maximum amount of Analytics events per month. Integer Y*
dmarc Pass "y" or "n" to enable DMARC. y, n N
dmarc_expiration Date the account's DMARC access should expire. yyyy-mm-dd Y*
max_dmarc The maximum amount of DMARC events per month. Integer Y*
emailcredentials If the user's password was changed, email them updated login credentials. Boolean N
timezone The timezone of the child account. List: TZ Database Time Zones String N

Status Responses

Status Description
success 'status' => 'success' indicates that the update was successful.
error An 'error' string will return specific errors related to data validation or permissions.

Error Responses

Description Code Cause
Invalid child account ID. 404 The unique identifier of the child account is invalid
This child account does not exist. 404 We couldn't find an account with the child account ID provided
Form Validation 404 We will return an array of errors if there are form validation issues, i.e. an invalid email address
You don't have access to create child accounts. 403 Your account does not have permission to create child accounts. Please contact us to add this feature.
Invalid value, please use n/y. 404 The 'inbox' and 'blacklist' parameters only accept 'y' or 'n' as values.
Please provide a valid timezone. 404 The 'timezone' value is invalid.