API Guide

Get GDPR Requests

This API call provides a historical list of GDPR Requests. Data is returned in the following formats: XML, JSON, CSV and Serialized.

Required headers: X-API-KEY
Optional headers: ACCEPT (json, xml, csv, serialized)
Method: GET

Endpoint URL:


Sample Output:

        "date": "8/7/2018 2:33 PM",
        "reference": "#7-20180807",
        "requester": "John Smith (john@smith.com)",
        "action": "export",
        "users": 12,
        "fileurl": "https://250ok.com/app/export/gdpr/gdpr_export_XX_YYYY-MM-DD_HH-II-SS.zip",
        "status": "complete"
        "date": "8/7/2018 2:41 PM",
        "reference": "#8-20180807",
        "requester": "John Smith (john@smith.com)",
        "action": "delete",
        "users": 12,
        "fileurl": null,
        "status": "waiting"

Error Responses

Description Code Cause
NULL 401 Your API key does not have sufficient permission to access this endpoint.