API Guide

Get Export

This API returns a full list of recipients from a completed Export (also known as Segment).

Required headers: X-API-KEY
Optional headers: ACCEPT (json, xml, csv, serialized)
Method: GET

Endpoint URL:


Sample Output:

        "Email": "user1@domain1.com",
        "First Seen": "2015-07-14",
        "Last Seen": "2015-07-14",
        "Country": "US",
        "Region": "New Jersey",
        "City": "Newark",
        "Platform": "Mobile Phone",
        "Device": "iPhone",
        "Device Version": 8,
        "Client": "Apple Mail",
        "Client Version": 8,
        "Timezone": "America/New_York"
        "Email": "user2@domain2.net",
        "First Seen": "2015-08-15",
        "Last Seen": "2015-08-15",
        "Country": "US",
        "Region": "District of Columbia",
        "City": "Washington D.C.",
        "Platform": "Mobile Phone",
        "Device": "Android",
        "Device Version": 5,
        "Client": "Android WebView",
        "Client Version": 4,
        "Timezone": "America/New_York"


Parameter Description Acceptable Values Required
id The numeric identifier of an export from Get Exports yyyy-mm-dd N

Error Responses

Description Code Cause
Export ID empty or non-numeric 404 The unique identifier of the export is non-numeric or invalid.
No results found. 404 We couldn't find any results matching your criteria.