API Guide

Get Monitor Summary

The Monitor Summary provides a list of items being monitored by the Blacklist. Data is returned in the following formats: XML, JSON, CSV and Serialized.

Required headers: X-API-KEY
Optional headers: ACCEPT (json, xml, csv, serialized)
Method: GET

Endpoint URL:


Sample Output:

        "item": " / 24",
        "item_key": "100",
        "profile_name": "250ok: Daily test",
        "id": "2",
        "item_type": "cidr",
        "last_query_time": "06-06-2014 11:38 EST"
        "item": "",
        "item_key": "101",
        "profile_name": "250ok-Utility1",
        "id": "1",
        "item_type": "ip",
        "last_query_time": "06-06-2014 11:38 EST",


Parameter Description Acceptable Values Required
id The unique identifier of the monitor summary. NOTE: Profile IDs can be retrieved by executing the Profile Summary API call. Integer Y
itemtype The type of monitored items to return. No designation returns ALL item types. ip, cidr, ip_range, domain_name N

Error Responses

Description Code Cause
Invalid profile ID. 404 The unique identifier of the profile is invalid.
Invalid item type. 404 The 'itemtype' parameter is invalid.
No results found. 404 We couldn't find any results matching your criteria.