API Guide

Submit Optimizer List

Submit Optimizer List initiates a new test. Data is returned in the following formats: XML, JSON, CSV and Serialized.

Required headers: X-API-KEY
Optional headers: ACCEPT (json, xml, csv, serialized)
Method: POST

Endpoint URL:


Sample Output:

    "status": "success",
    "id": 927


Parameter Description Acceptable Values Required
list List of the domain portion of email addresses String Y
delimiter Delimiter between domain portion of addresses. Defaults to new line if not specified. String N
name Name given to the list optimizer test String N

Error Responses

Description Code Cause
List is required. 400 Please specify a list for the test.
Bad or missing API key. 401 The X-API-KEY header was missing or contained an unrecognized/invalid key.
Error saving list. 404 There was a problem receiving or saving the list of addresses.
Error starting test. 404 There was a problem starting the List Optimizer test.