Are inbox placement rates improving or declining across the world?

Do you know your inbox placement rate (IPR)? If you don’t, yikes, we really need to talk. But if you do, have you wondered how it compares against other senders? We’re always thinking about things like this, so we did a big data dump and jumped right into it.

We looked at global IPR over the last three and a half years to get a better understanding of the ebbs and flows of inboxing success across the world.
This is improvement! We have some ideas about what could be influencing this, but you’ll have to read the full report for those.

We also looked at inbox market share, and while we wish we could say there was some big revelation in these numbers, it’s what you’d expect: Gmail is king.

In fact, Gmail usage is greater than the other top eight mailbox providers combined.


Hopefully we’ve whet your appetite for more in-depth numbers. If we have, good news, here’s the full report for you, no questions asked, no email required.

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