The Email Service Provider (ESP) Buyer’s Journey

The email service provider (ESP) buyer’s journey—the process of shopping for a new ESP—usually feels a little bit like this… With hundreds of ESPs to choose from, the buying process can be overwhelming. Throw in a couple T-Rex’s with laser … Continue reading »

How the Top 500 Internet Retailers Collect Email Sign-ups (2017)

We’re back for year three of How the Top 500 Internet Retailers Collect Email Sign-ups (2017), where we analyzed the email sign-up process of retailers, including how they incentivized sign-ups, what personal data they collected, and more. Included in this … Continue reading »

The Basics of Email Design

Ever made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? I’d be shocked if you said no. Email design is much of the same. As an email marketer, your goal is to increase open rates, engagement, and conversions; but are you making … Continue reading »

Understanding Spam Traps And Sensor Networks

Understanding Spam Trap & Sensor Networks

As a technologist, I hold the core belief that most difficult, tedious, and even dangerous tasks can be made less so through rigorous and innovative application of engineering know-how. After spending time in the trenches to get a truly visceral … Continue reading »

Mailbox Tools: A Threat to Consumer Data Privacy and Security

The increasingly controversial topic of consumer data privacy and security was in the spotlight recently in a New York Times article that was critical of the business practices used by Slice, the owner of email subscription management application Unroll.me, and … Continue reading »

Seedlist-based inbox monitoring 250ok Return Path eDataSource

Seedlist-Based Inbox Monitoring the Right Way

When sending commercial email, it’s important to understand what’s likely to happen the next time you send to a recipient at a particular mailbox provider. Are your messages hitting SPAM at Yahoo! or going missing at Comcast? Are you sacrificing … Continue reading »

IP and Domain Warming, a Medieval Perspective

Marketers are often confused about the point of IP and domain warming, and they end up wondering: “Everything is authenticated, and I’m not using a blacklisted IP, so what’s the problem?” In short: senders who blast to their entire list … Continue reading »

The Truth About Email Panel Data

We’re often asked about our stance on the use of email panel data. As senders, we want additional data points, visibility, and signals. In a perfect world, email panel data would enable marketers to compare their engagement to that of … Continue reading »


Product Update: Message Center is New & Improved!

We’ve made some improvements to the Message Center found in the 250ok app, and today we’re excited to push the product update live. And to go along with the launch here’s an explanation of what we added and why. The … Continue reading »


250ok Reputation™ – Bigger and Better Than Ever

This year is already off to an amazing start at 250ok; from building our own spam trap network to releasing new products and features, we’ve been busy, to say the least. Speaking of our trap network, it’s been awhile since … Continue reading »

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