Almost 70% of the SaaS 1000 leave consumers at risk of phishing and spoofing attacks

March 13, 2018

A whopping 65% of SaaS 1000 companies do not protect their customers, partners, and employees from phishing attacks with a DMARC policy. That’s wild. The SaaS 1000 is a list of top SaaS businesses with at least 40 employees, ranked by a combination of factors including employee count growth over the previous six month period […]

DMARC Adoption Among Top US Colleges and Universities (Q1 2018)

March 5, 2018

Today 250ok published a new report detailing our analysis of DMARC adoption at US higher education institutions. The troubling findings in DMARC Adoption Among Top US Colleges and Universities (Q1 2018) indicate almost 90% of top-level .edu domains (also known as “root” domains) have no DMARC policy in place, leaving domains entirely open to spoofing, […]

250ok Adds Three High-Profile Members to Board of Directors

February 20, 2018

Today marks another exciting day as 250ok announces the election of Peter Ashkin, Patrick Meenan, and Tim McQuillen to the company’s board of directors. “Our new board members bring decades of proven experience from some of the biggest names in technology,” said Greg Kraios, 250ok founder and CEO. “Their guidance is instrumental in furthering our […]

Google’s AMP Aims to Create a More Interactive Gmail Experience

February 13, 2018

Google announced today it is bringing its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) technology to Gmail to create more engaging and interactive experiences with email. With more than 1 billion users, Google’s goal with AMP is to modernize email through interactive and dynamic content without ever having to leave your inbox. The feature, dubbed “AMP for Email” […]

DMARC Adoption Among e-Retailers (Q1 2018)

January 30, 2018

Today we published an exclusive 250ok report DMARC Adoption Among e-Retailers 2018. We analyzed 3,033 top-level domains (e.g.,, also known as root domains, operated by the top 1,000 US and top 500 EU e-retailers to see if they met the minimum email authentication protocols that protect their brands and consumers from phishing attacks. The […]

250ok DMARC – Free for 2018

**OFFER EXPIRED** We’ve got a promotional announcement to make. No, seriously, it’s big. We’re talking Oprah-giveaway big, except this one’s business-focused and a powerful gift to marketers, technology teams, and security leads. Are you ready?! Actually, no, you’re not getting a taco, but my goodness that sounds tasty. Instead, we’re making 250ok DMARC software free […]

9 Tips for Reclaiming Your Privacy On Data Privacy Day

January 29, 2018

As part of Data Privacy Day, the privacy community at large gets together to remind people about their rights as individuals to have their personal information protected by the organizations they share it with and to remember to take note and follow privacy best practices. This year, I worked with Jennifer Hoth, senior relationship marketing […]

AOL Updating MX’s to Yahoo

Today AOL announced they will updated their MX records for the majority of AOL-owned domains to utilize a new combined AOL/Yahoo email infrastructure they call “OATH”.   AOL noted on their postmaster blog: As a first step, starting this week, the majority of AOL’s MX records will point to our new combined servers. This should […]

“Reject” phishing in 2018: A look inside the new 250ok DMARC

December 19, 2017

In 2016, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) reported a 400% increase in phishing attacks by cyber criminals attempting to impersonate the agency. In October 2017, the Department of Homeland Security issued a directive that all federal agencies must implement a DMARC policy (p=none) within 90 days and reject policy (p=reject) within one year. Meanwhile, we […]

Email Year in Review: 2017

December 13, 2017

Can you believe it? The year 2017 is coming to a close and what a year it has been in the email ecosystem. Email’s staying power continues to flex its muscles as a dynamic channel that can adapt to the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing. This past year saw many changes, trends, and announcements that […]

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