March 22, 2016

250ok announces SparkPost partnership.

Today officially marks the announcement of the partnership between 250ok and SparkPost, and, frankly, we’re officially stoked. It’s a big moment because we’ve found another like-minded partner that is dedicated to helping serious senders like you hit the inbox. The email landscape has become more complicated over time, so combining the right email analytics and infrastructure together gives you greater marketing power.

The folks at SparkPost have built a world-renowned email infrastructure and amassed a customer base that includes brands like LinkedIn, Twitter, Groupon, Marketo, Zillow, Pinterest, the Financial Times and Comcast. They send over 3 trillion messages a year, more than 25 percent of the world’s legitimate email. For those of you already familiar with the power of 250ok, you can easily understand the power of combining our email intelligence and analytics with an infrastructure of SparkPost’s magnitude.

“While each of our products provide a valuable layer of visibility into overall email performance and reputation, the most significant source of email intelligence and insight comes from our combined offering,” said 250ok VP of Customer Solutions Tim Moore. “Because SparkPost has chosen to offer our full suite, their customers will have access to everything they need to maximize the value of their email programs.  We’re looking forward to providing a comprehensive and complete solution to SparkPost customers.”

The new partnership includes integration of the entire 250ok suite, including its services and reporting, for all SparkPost Elite customers. Hear that, marketers?!

SparkPost’s previous VP of Industry Relations Len Shneyder blogged, “From forensic and aggregate DMARC reporting to the 250ok spam trap network, SparkPost Elite customers can now use the world’s most powerful sending technology with the market’s premiere deliverability tools provider to maximize their inbox placement and understand engagement trends.”

We’ve found a dedicated partner in SparkPost and will work with them and their customers to #EvolveEmail.

For more information about the partnership announcement, check out the full press release.

Author: Joe Montgomery

Joe Montgomery is a marketing bro that believes all brands should market less and mean more. Prior to stepping in as VP of Marketing at 250ok, Joe developed and deployed strategies at a wide range of companies, from Fortune 500 businesses to startups.

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