January 30, 2018

250ok DMARC – Free for 2018


We’ve got a promotional announcement to make. No, seriously, it’s big. We’re talking Oprah-giveaway big, except this one’s business-focused and a powerful gift to marketers, technology teams, and security leads.

Are you ready?!

Actually, no, you’re not getting a taco, but my goodness that sounds tasty. Instead, we’re making 250ok DMARC software free for 2018. Simply sign-up up before March 1, 2018, and take advantage of this limited-time offer. Terms and conditions apply.

250ok DMARC helps businesses deploy and monitor DMARC policies for their domains and using 250ok DMARC allows businesses to lock down their domains (e.g., www.brand.com) and help prevent phishing attacks on consumers and employees.

But that’s not all.

DMARC’s Impact on Marketing and Transactional Email

While DMARC’s focus on security and anti-phishing has always been clear, the ripple effect it creates in other areas of email programs is just recently becoming evident.

“Prior to implementing a DMARC policy, we found ourselves blocked by several of the large mailbox providers and often didn’t know why,” said James Einspahr, Digital Creative Director at Furniture Row and 250ok DMARC customer. “With DMARC in place, we found that our domains were being spoofed by a number of bad actors around the globe. Eliminating those malicious messages not being sent by us quickly resulted in better deliverability across the board.”

Part of the reason for so little conversation about DMARC’s impact outside of security is likely due to the lack of adoption across most business categories.

In the recent 250ok report DMARC Adoption Among e-Retailers (Q1 2018), we analyzed 3,033 top-level domains operated by the top 1,000 US e-retailers and 500 EU e-retailers to see if they met the minimum email authentication protocols that protect their brands and consumers from phishing attacks. The study revealed that nearly 90% of the e-retailer domains reviewed did not meet that basic email security standard.

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“By removing DMARC monitoring costs as a barrier to adoption, we are doubling down on our commitment to liberate email’s potential,” said Joe Montgomery, VP of Marketing at 250ok. “By helping businesses secure the email channel, we expect senders will see the benefit of improved performance for marketing and transactional messages and their associated revenue.”

If Oprah gave away B2B services, we’re pretty sure she would be on board with this prize. Take advantage of this limited-time offer by signing up today for 250ok DMARC.


“Lady O” by Annika Laas. CC by 4.0.

Author: Alex Eilmann

Alex Eilmann is the senior designer at 250ok. She joined the company in its infancy, acquiring creative and email design best practices by being the driving force behind 250ok’s evolving visual brand.

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