September 23, 2016

250ok now offers spam trap monitoring on shared IPs.


Reputation and its spam trap network of more than 35 million domains is now available to customers sending mail over shared IP addresses. Senders of any size can easily set up reputation monitoring across any number of domains and email service providers (ESPs) regardless of their mix of shared or dedicated IPs. Just add the domains to your profile and 250ok does the rest.

In other words, if you send mail on shared IPs through popular services like SendGrid, Marketo, SparkPost, HubSpot, Salesforce, and the like, you can now easily monitor your reputation with 250ok.

“This is really exciting news – senders on shared IPs are now able to gain the same level of visibility that had previously been reserved for those on dedicated IPs,” said Tim Moore, Vice President of Customer Solutions at 250ok. “What’s really great about this data is the sender isn’t burdened with any technical changes on their end.  They can simply enter their domain and they’ll see reputation data.”

Background on shared IPs

If you exclude huge senders such as Facebook, Twitter, and so on, most of the world’s commercial email traffic goes over shared IPs. That’s primarily true because the majority of small to medium-sized senders don’t have the volume and mailing consistency to warrant using dedicated IPs.


For bigger senders, it’s common to deploy a mix of shared and dedicated IPs across multiple ESPs depending on the use of the mail streams.

The challenge with monitoring shared IPs

Monitoring systems that track email reputation by IP or domain typically don’t work for shared IP traffic because multiple businesses share an IP, and many IPs can send traffic for a single domain.

Because the shared IP you use changes at your ESP’s discretion (e.g., due to ramping, reputation management, load balancing, etc.), you can’t simply set up monitoring on the IP you’re using today. Likewise, you can’t monitor all the IPs used by an ESP because there’s often too much noise.

As a result, it’s been nearly impossible for data-driven email programs to easily gain access to granular, real-time data reflecting their sender reputation on shared IPs … until now.

Our solution: universal domain-based reputation monitoring

We built universal domain-based reputation monitoring that allows you to easily configure monitoring for your domain(s) that uses any number of messaging services, and we autodiscover what they are based on your DNS records, and the DNS records of well-known service providers, so you just sit back and let 250ok do the work.

 step-1250ok screenshot: Selecting a shared IP to monitor

step-2250ok screenshot: Entering a domain


250ok screenshot: Selecting an email service provider


250ok screenshot: Adding a domain with service provider

step-5-1250ok screenshot: Success in adding the shared IP


250ok screenshot: The final view after adding multiple shared IPs and a dedicated IP

We’re able to look at all traffic from that domain and organize it based on the shared and dedicated IPs you or your ESPs send with, and we present the data clearly, so you know who sent what and how it performed. We keep track of which IPs are in use by the services and determine whether a message is trap or phish based on whether it was sent by a service you’ve approved.

Ready to learn more about 250ok and our new shared IP monitoring capability? Request a demo and see why #SeriousSenders like Marketo, SendGrid, SparkPost, and Adobe are 250ok customers.

Author: Joe Montgomery

Joe Montgomery is a marketing bro that believes all brands should market less and mean more. Prior to stepping in as VP of Marketing at 250ok, Joe developed and deployed strategies at a wide range of companies, from Fortune 500 businesses to startups.

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