July 9, 2018

Introducing 250ok Prospect: World-class customer vetting and sales prospecting.

We’re back at it! Today we’re excited to unveil the latest addition to the 250ok suite: 250ok Prospect.

Since some of the 250ok team worked at email service providers (e.g., ExactTarget/Salesforce, Marketo, Adobe, Oracle, SparkPost, SendGrid), we know one of the most significant challenges they face is gaining insight into customers that have not yet sent over their platform. Therefore, our goal is simple: Whether a compliance team needs to vet a new customer or a sales team is prospecting potential clients, we’ll provide them a bird’s-eye view into who is sending what, how they’re sending it, and from where.

As you may recall, we launched our own spam trap network in January 2017, resulting in more than 50 new data partnerships and the growth of the largest commercial trap network in the industry. What do we do with all that data, you ask? We’ll tell you.


Vet and prospect potential customers

First, you can search for a customer by typing in any top-level sending domain (TLD), and we’ll identify any additional domains that likely match your search. This could include subdomains, “similar” domains (meaning similar spelling or alternate TLDs), or those “other” domains owned by a customer you may have not been aware of.

At first glance, 250ok Prospect gives you a sense of how many mail streams a potential customer is operating. In some cases, you may even come across similar domains obviously being used to spoof or abuse the customer’s brand. Good conversation starters, we figure. From there, select the domains you’d like to analyze and continue; the good stuff awaits on the other side.


Investigate any sender outside your network

While historically we’ve focused on monitoring your customer base with 250ok Reputation, 250ok Prospect is the perfect complement to monitor activity going on outside of your network. Upon running the report, you’ll get the full spread of details about a particular sender, including:

  • Which email service providers they’re using, and a breakdown of the volume sent from each provider. How are they splitting their traffic? How frequently do they change ESPs?
  • What types of spam traps they’re hitting over time, along with reasons why they’re likely hitting traps: poor list hygiene? Lack of email validation? List purchasing?
  • Which vendors they’re currently using for their email program. While the tool currently focuses on DMARC vendors, this is just the beginning. We’ll identify more vendors (support desks, analytics providers), as the product evolves.
  • How their email authentication is configured, including SPF records, the validity of those records, whether or not a DMARC policy is in place, and what type of policy is in use.
  • What kind of content they’re sending based on trap hits by subject line or from address.
  • Comprehensive blacklist history, including which IP addresses or domains were on which blacklists over time, and how long it took to remediate each listing.
  • WHOIS information, including who owns the domains, when they were registered, and when they expire.

You could call this competitive intelligence, a sales prospecting tool, a vetting tool—hey, whatever floats your boat. We simply want to arm our customers with objective data so they can sign their best customers.


Prevent churn and identify new opportunities

Sales and compliance teams aren’t the only beneficiaries of 250ok Prospect. Account management teams can now prevent churn by detecting changes in volume from one ESP to another. Provider-hopping customers historically been a blind spot, so we’re really excited to launch the email industry’s first product targeted at improving retention rates.

Integrate 250ok directly into your pipeline or vetting process

As with anything we build, convenience and ease-of-use are our top priorities. That’s why we’re releasing 250ok Prospect with a fully baked API so you can integrate our data directly into your sales or vetting process.

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Author: Alex Griffis

Alex Griffis is the VP of Product (a product geek) at 250ok, where he focuses on product design and improving our customer experiences.

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