Deliverability Myth: Why You Need to Measure Inbox Placement [INFOGRAPHIC]


It’s important to measure and compare your delivered rate to your inbox rate. What’s the difference?

Let’s say your email service is reporting 90% deliverability with a 10% bounce rate. Then you run your campaign through your deliverability service and it reports the same 10% bounce/missing rate, but 72% inbox placement and 18% spam placement.

Both look like 90% on the surface, but 18% spam is actually 18% of your delivered mail not reaching your customersWhile it looks like you’re getting 90% deliverability each month, your spam rates could be increasing and preventing your mail from reaching your customers. For some senders, this could mean millions in lost revenue.

At 250ok, we focus on tracking this “last mile” of delivery and identifying revenue-impacting issues as quickly as possible to ensure your return on investment. With all of the time, effort and money you’ve invested into your email program, can you afford not to know how your messages are being handled?

About Alex Griffis

Alex Griffis is a product geek at 250ok, where he focuses on product design and improving our customer experiences.

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