April 23, 2019

Let’s get AMPed!

You’ve probably heard all the buzz about AMP for Email—the modern framework created to make email content more dynamic, more engaging, and easier to read for consumers. Google recently announced full support of AMP for its Gmail desktop experience (with mobile coming soon), and it wasn’t long before Microsoft, Yahoo!, and Mail.ru announced their intent to support AMP as early as this summer.

Not only are we excited to get you up to speed on everything AMP, but we’re starting to roll out new features to help you get started.

AMP for Email: A Quick Primer

Accelerated Mobile Pages, otherwise known as AMP, is an open source project originally released to help brands develop faster, more user-friendly web pages for mobile devices. The introduction of AMP for Email marks a major opportunity for marketers: interactive, dynamic content more closely resembling web experiences, giving consumers a much more compelling email experience.

Seth Weisfeld (Product Manager, Growth Traffic at Pinterest) summed it up nicely in his talk at AMP Conf (link below):

“What we have found is that today’s interactive email is all kludgy HTML and CSS hacks that rely on inconsistent rendering quirks [within] email clients. Trying to make a website-like experience [is not] convenient, scalable, or easy to develop. With AMP for Email, that really changes.”

There’s no question AMP provides some exciting new in-mail opportunities to personalize your content at scale. New layout elements include image carousels, lightboxes, content accordions, responsive content helpers, and forms, just to name a few. Additionally, previously prohibited CSS attributes (box-shadow, position, z-index, etc.) and pseudo-classes (first-of-type, hover, focus, etc.) are now supported.

Pretty awesome, right? Let’s check out some new tools of the trade.

Build and Preview AMP Emails with 250ok Design

250ok Design will support live rendering previews of both Gmail and G Suite desktop. We’ll also support Gmail mobile, Yahoo!, Microsoft, and Mail.ru once they become available.

Second, we’re adding AMP support to our Design editor so you can preview your changes in real-time as you build out your interactive content, and we’ll check your images, links, and markups to ensure everything is ready for deployment.

Get Started with AMP for Email

Log in to 250ok Design and start building your emails to include AMP components, documented here. Once you’ve tested your emails, Google has registration requirements to start sending dynamic content.

Learn more about 250ok Design

P.S. Here’s an awesome video highlighting how Doodle, Booking.com, and Pinterest are putting AMP-enhanced email content to work.

Author: Alex Griffis

Alex Griffis is the VP of Product (a product geek) at 250ok, where he focuses on product design and improving our customer experiences.

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