October 8, 2019

New on 250ok: Google Postmaster Tools Integration

Have you heard of Google? Oh cool, good, so we won’t get into it.

Anyway, because we’re always looking for ways to improve our platform, our team cooked up an integration with a little tool Google offers for email marketers called Google Postmaster Tools. We will get into those.

Google Postmaster Tools: A Brief History

Back in 2015, Google released Google Postmaster Tools to provide email marketers with some insight and visibility into their email’s performance at Gmail. After signing up and verifying their domains, senders can see their domain and IP address reputation, delivery errors, complaint rates, feedback loops, and authentication issues. You’ll see seven days of data by default, and if you’ve got the history, you can see all the way back a full 120 days.

Sounds awesome, right? Google Postmaster Tools in and of itself can be a fantastic resource for marketers looking to improve their Gmail inbox placement. However, it is no secret the Google Postmaster interface leaves a lot to be desired, including the absence of really helpful tools and features like API access or the ability to run ad-hoc reports across multiple IP addresses or domains.

250ok’s Google Postmaster Tools Integration: A Fresh Perspective

If you’ve used Postmaster Tools before, you may have found it challenging to switch back and forth between tabs, domains, or date ranges to find what you’re looking for. This creates a challenge for senders operating multiple domains or IP addresses, and it’s a puzzle we’ve been very interested in solving.

That’s why we’re pumped to announce yet another industry-first initiative, the 250ok Google Postmaster Tools Integration: A simple way to pass all of your Gmail deliverability signals directly through to our single, easy-to-use solution alongside a robust API.

Without further ado, let’s talk features!

All of Your Google Postmaster Domains, One Reporting Dashboard

That’s right! No more flipping between domains and reporting tabs; connect your Postmaster Tools account once and we’ll do the rest. Rejoice! Now you have an intuitive, single-point interface with all of your domains and IP addresses included, along with trends and visual indicators to help you quickly spot issues.

Backed By a Robust Google Postmaster API, Available To All Customers

Through our Google Postmaster Tools API, you can even export historical Gmail performance indicators and import the data directly into your own dashboards or reports. Once you’ve provided access to your sending domains, we’ll backfill up to four months of Gmail performance data into your 250ok account.

Many Features and Improvements To Come…

With Google Postmaster Tools data populating within your 250ok account, we’ll soon launch the ability to create custom dashboard widgets, reports, and alerting based on your Gmail performance.

  • Sudden spike in user-reported spam? Notify my Slack channel
  • Domain or IP reputation dropped from High to Low? Send me a text message
  • ESP customer flagged as suspicious? Send me a webhook event to suspend the account
  • Several IP addresses dropped to poor reputation? Open a PagerDuty ticket
  • Large IP pool? Send me a daily email summary

Intrigued but not yet a customer? We can take care of that easily. Just let us know what you need!

Author: Alex Griffis

Alex Griffis is the VP of Product (a product geek) at 250ok, where he focuses on product design and improving our customer experiences.

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