250ok product rebrand 2017

March 22, 2017

Our product names changed (for the better).

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci

We believe everything associated with a 250ok product should be intuitive, soup-to-nuts, from the UX to the names we give our tools. Based on this pursuit for simplicity, today we updated all of our product names.

What’s changed?

Inbox Informant is now 250ok Inbox

250ok Inbox provides visibility into the “last mile” of your email deliverability with campaign diagnostics on authentication issues, deliverability trends, and ISP-specific feedback.

Our global seedlist coverage and Seedlist Optimizer (patent pending) combined with your actual recipient engagement give you the purest understanding of what’s happening with your messages.

Reputation Informant is now 250ok Reputation

250ok Reputation gives you the tools to manage your sender reputation and quickly identify and fix issues that cause damage.


Other features include access to our proprietary spam trap network comprised of millions of domains, global blacklist monitoring, comprehensive feedback loop monitoring, and automated SNDS & Signal Spam reporting.

Blacklist Informant is now 250ok Blacklist

Now part of 250ok Reputation, the 250ok Blacklist module allows for the continuous monitoring of global blacklists like Spamhaus, SURBL, SORBS, and more.


This module enables you to organize IPs, domains, CIDR entries, or range designations into segmented monitoring profiles.

DMARC Dashboard is now 250ok DMARC

250ok DMARC simplifies your deployment process and programmatically offers corrective action for compliance, protecting your company and customers from phishing and email fraud.


This module offers deployment support for any number of domains, compliance scoring, detailed views of messages that fail against your DMARC policy, which include samples and headers for further investigation, and a messaging center that summarizes results for you.

Email Informant is now 250ok Analytics

250ok Analytics allows you to customize your tracking and visualization of email data across all of your ESP(s) within a single portal.


Now you can track the recipient’s journey in spectacular detail, offering unlimited customer parameters for profiling, and breakthrough filtering and segmentation in real time and at scale. Layer Analytics on top of your ESP(s) data to unlock full email program visibility.

Design Informant is now 250ok Design

250ok Design helps you avoid revenue-impacting issues before hitting send by ensuring design consistency across all major mail clients and platforms and performing comprehensive spam filter testing.

This module also includes out-of-the-box integrations with Litmus and Email on Acid.

Alert Center is now 250ok Alerts

250ok Alerts give your team the freedom to responsibly and comfortably live outside of the 250ok app, and only be notified when specific events are triggered for each user.


We set the standard for functional alerts (that don’t spam your team) for the email community. Now you can create unlimited, custom notifications based off any rule set you desire, for any number of staff, and deliver the alerts via a variety of methods, including Slack, HipChat, PagerDuty, SMS, email, and webhook.

How Frequently Should You Expect Rebrands?

With this update, we’ve achieved the simplicity we desired, and we’ve positioned ourselves for a smooth ride for the foreseeable future. There are certainly new products on the horizon, so expect them to follow the same naming convention we defined with this update.


Author: Joe Montgomery

Joe Montgomery is a marketing bro that believes all brands should market less and mean more. Prior to stepping in as VP of Marketing at 250ok, Joe developed and deployed strategies at a wide range of companies, from Fortune 500 businesses to startups.

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