December 10, 2019

Sweeping changes coming to 250ok’s email analytics platform.

Historically, our industry has been largely comprised of third-party vendors and niche offerings; inbox monitoring tools here, reputation and compliance tools there, maybe with some design previews or DMARC reporting sprinkled in. It begs the question: How can these tools better talk to each other, inform each other, and offer a truly cohesive experience for enterprise senders?

We’re excited to announce we have the answer, coming early 2020: 250ok reinvisioned, reimagined, and rebuilt from the ground up. One platform, one vendor, one contract.

The Future of 250ok’s Platform

While 250ok was busy being the first to introduce custom email analytics dashboards, real-time alerts, and an integration with Google Postmaster Tools, we never lost sight of offering enterprise senders a single-point solution for everything email.

250ok’s platform was rebuilt from scratch to include more flexible date range controls, custom reporting and filtering criteria, and real-time report previewing. It’s the perfect pairing with your email service provider (ESP) to help you plan, track, and analyze at every step of your email program:


Persona-Based Reports

Delivery operations, campaign strategy, and compliance teams can build custom reports focusing on their areas of interest or expertise. Streamline your reporting by filtering out the noise and focusing on what matters to you.

Persona-Based Reports

Trends and Anomaly Detection

Trends and Anomaly Detection

By adding in averages, trend lines, and annotating large spikes or decreases in performance, the new interface is heavily focused on highlighting key performance indicators and directional changes to fastrack remediation.

Default Dashboards

Customers with multiple teams (and teammates) relying on 250ok will have the ability to display specific dashboards or reports by default, paving the way for your teammates to have what they need, when they need it.

Default Dashboards

Reporting Snapshots

Reporting Snapshots

Tired of spending hours manually generating reports? We thought so. Marketing managers can save time-specific snapshots to measure performance over time, such as month-over-month comparisons or seasonal efforts like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Sharing and Collaboration

In addition to making dashboards, Inbox tests, and Design test results shareable, customers can comment and collaborate on recent performance reporting. We’re also adding more productivity tools to easily copy charts, duplicate reports, and move things around between dashboards.

Sharing and Collaboration

Flexible Date Controls

Flexible Date Controls

Previously, many charts and dashboard widgets were limited to the last seven, 30, or 90 days, depending on the interface. As part of the interface overhaul, 250ok is adding more flexibility to enable faster, more efficient reporting.

Introducing Unified Smart Filters

The second most significant change to the platform is the unification of filtering and reporting across all products. Nicknamed “Smart Filters,” we’ll expose the most common reporting criteria used in each respective product, along with counts and trends to quickly indicate improvements or declines in performance.

The best part? All charts and reporting interfaces will dynamically reload when filters are applied. No more checking a box, typing in a value, clicking “Apply,” and waiting for the page reload. The introduction of Smart Filters shifts 250ok products to the dynamic, real-time reporting capabilities commonly experienced in enterprise-level business intelligence tools.

250ok Prospect’s Evolution Into Powerful Competitive Intelligence

For compliance, campaign strategy, and sales teams alike, 250ok’s Competitive Intelligence will look at nearly a dozen email scoring indicators like responsiveness, accessibility, subject line optimization—all real, tangible indicators to strategically guide customers. As mailbox providers step up anti-abuse measures to shut down bot-controlled inboxes, you can feel confident in a risk-free competitive intelligence solution that’s here to stay.

With the release of Competitive Intelligence, 250ok will offer side-by-side brand comparisons to look at sending volume, best practices, sending cadence, and message frequency, to name just a few. In turn, campaign strategy teams can drive better informed services engagements, and sales teams can build more targeted prospecting campaigns with accurate, meaningful data points at their disposal.

Expansion of Integrations Into Omnichannel

In 2019 alone, 250ok built several key integrations including Amazon SES, Salesforce Marketing Cloud (coming soon), and Google Postmaster Tools—and we’re only getting started.

With data warehousing’s growing popularity, we recognize the shift taking place in the industry as enterprise senders move toward consolidation. Services like Segment, Snowflake, Amazon RedShift, and Google BigQuery present opportunities for marketers to shift multiple databases in their omnichannel marketing efforts into a single warehouse, or better yet, a single point of reference.

As 250ok aims to be a single-point solution for everything email analytics, so stay tuned to find out how 250ok plans to leverage data warehousing to assist senders in their broader omnichannel marketing efforts.

And finally, just one more note we’re proud of: We could have cut corners by outsourcing most of our core product offerings, but we opted to maintain the highest degree of security standards and compliance practices in the era of privacy and regulation. It’s just how we do things.

Nervous about change?

Don’t be. In launching the next evolution of 250ok’s platform, the existing application will run in parallel with the new one, so you have plenty of time to adjust.

Heading into next year, we’re raising the bar. Starting early 2020, 250ok customers will have the option of opting into the new platform to compare features side-by-side.

Until then, happy holidays from your friends at 250ok!

Author: Alex Griffis

Alex Griffis is the VP of Product (a product geek) at 250ok, where he focuses on product design and improving our customer experiences.

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