November 21, 2017

It’s a Celebration—Our “Top 5” Retail Customers

It’s a celebration! Congratulations to our customers appearing on eMarketer’s report of the Top 10 US Companies, Ranked by Retail Ecommerce Sales Share, 2016 & 2017.

For two years in a row, two out of the top five companies listed chose 250ok to maximize their email performance. And as a percentage of Top 10 sales share in 2017, 250ok powered email intelligence for retailers accounting for 4.22% out of 5.74% of share.

Top 10 US Retail Companies 2016 & 2017

Do Retailers Still Need Email Certification?

Obviously, our retail customers don’t use Return Path’s Certification. Instead, they focus on a best-practices model impacting performance at all mailbox providers, not just certification partners. For example, Gmailnow the mailbox of choice for more than one billion consumers and businesses—is not a certification partner.

For certification customers seeing a lift at Microsoft—the primary benefit of using Return Path’s Certification—chances are you have an outstanding issue that’s gone undetected, or there are problems with your sending practices. Correcting those core issues typically cures a program’s problems.

We offer a services package that helps customers from any category migrate off Return Path’s Certification program pain-free.

Sending More Mail This Holiday Season?

Are you ramping up your holiday efforts like so many 250ok retail customers? Check out the Black Friday and Cyber Monday data and tips we pulled together with our partners at HubSpot Academy and Mailcharts.

Thanks for Allowing Us to Help

Again, to those retailers that choose 250ok power their email marketing programs, let’s celebrate!

its a celebration

Author: Joe Montgomery

Joe Montgomery is a marketing bro that believes all brands should market less and mean more. Prior to stepping in as VP of Marketing at 250ok, Joe developed and deployed strategies at a wide range of companies, from Fortune 500 businesses to startups.

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