What is Analytics?

Analytics provides visibility into who your customers are, where they’re located, what devices they’re using, how long they’re reading your messages, and more by embedding our tracking pixel.

Once you’re tracking analytics, you can segment important groups of recipients matching an unlimited number of combined filters. Get as granular as you want, and reuse segments for quick filtering, reporting, and exporting.

If you want to go beyond the email address, you can track any number of custom parameters like as Age, Gender, or Acquisition Source to better identify your recipients for targeted campaigns.


The Analytics Overview provides analytics and recent activity tools to track the performance of your campaigns.


The Campaigns screen shows a list of analytics campaigns along with historical performance, trending, and tracking pixels.


The Audience Explorer is designed to analyze recipient-level engagement history to help you identify when people are most likely to open your mail, on what devices they like to consume your content, and most importantly, which of your customers are at-risk of disengaging.


When you export a large data set or segment, the export is queued on the Exports screen. This screen archives your exports by Date, Description, Size, and Status.

To delete an export, click the check box to the right of the export and click the DELETE button.


Settings provides a quick link to the Manage Domains window, where users can add, remove, and verify domains.