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What are Dashboards?

What are Dashboards?

After successfully logging in you will be taken to your Dashboard. We’ve combined all of your deliverability, reputation, and engagement data from all of our products into a single intuitive, configurable interface. You can drag and drop, resize, and personalize your reporting dashboards to track what matters to you.

The dashboard widgets include flexible configuration options including date ranges, chart display preferences, and more. Additionally, you can resize and reorder the widgets to organize them as you see fit.

Create a Dashboard

  • Under ACTIONS select NEW DASHBOARD on the DASHBOARDS dropdown menu.
  • Enter a name for your new Dashboard and click the SAVE button. You can now begin adding widgets to your dashboard.

Add a Widget

  • Click the ADD A WIDGET button.
  • Enter a name for your widget in the WIDGET NAME field that makes it easily identifiable.
  • Select the PRODUCT that the widget will gather information from (Inbox, Blacklist, Reputation, Design, DMARC, Analytics).
  • Select the WIDGET.
  • Select the DISPLAY PREFERENCE (if available).
  • Select the DATE RANGE (if available).
  • Click the SAVE WIDGET button to add the widget to your Dashboard.