What is DMARC?

The DMARC tool helps you protect your recipients and deter fraudulent mailing activity by implementing a DMARC policy. Starting with DMARC’s “observation mode,” we analyze compliance and suggest corrective action, ultimately guiding you towards a quarantine or reject policy.

DMARC allows mailbox providers to validate that mail claiming to be from a domain originates from valid sources for that domain. It further allows senders to specify how mail that fails validation should be treated.

There are three different DMARC policy types: None, Quarantine, and Reject.

DMARC Policy Description
None The Domain Owner requests no specific action be taken regarding delivery of messages.
Quarantine: The Domain Owner wishes to have email that fails the DMARC mechanism check be treated by Mail Receivers as suspicious.
Reject: The Domain Owner wishes for Mail Receivers to reject email that fails the DMARC mechanism check.

We recommend that you begin with None (or “observation-only mode”), to gain a comprehensive understanding of your mail sources and your DMARC compliance, before increasing security. This approach ensures you don’t accidentally block legitimate mail sources.

If you haven’t configured your DMARC record yet, here are some instructions on how to do so. Otherwise let’s jump into the dashboard.