DMARC Overview

Going from observation to protection (via a Quarantine or Reject policy) is the ultimate goal. Without 250ok DMARC, you’d have to make the transition with very little insight into the process, and that can be confusing. With 250ok DMARC, our experts designed a tool easily guide you down the path to compliance and protection.

Mail Breakdown

The Mail Breakdown chart summarizes the DMARC compliance across your email volume. DMARC compliant mail is mail that both authenticates and aligns. Non-compliant or unauthenticated mail failed DKIM or SPF alignment.

Message Center

The Message Center is designed to alleviate the confusion around deploying a DMARC policy by summarizing compliance and authentication results. We highlight the relevant trends in volume and authentication results to bring critical issues or fluctuations to your attention.

DMARC Compliance Score

Immediately following the Message Center is the Compliance Score. Once we’re receiving your DMARC reports, we’ll score your DMARC performance (e.g, “Good,” “Moderate,” etc.) to set a clear benchmark for improvement.


The DMARC Trends chart is helpful indicator of how your performance is trending over time. Click the dropdown at the top right to switch between SPF issues, DKIM issues, and mail compliance trends.

Forensic Reports

The Forensic Reports table provides a more detailed view of messages that failed evaluation against your DMARC policy. The failure reports table contains Date, Subject Line, From Address, IP Address, and SPF/DKIM Authentication Results. DMARC failure reports can be filtered by date and SPF or DKIM results. In some cases, HTML and text samples are available for review. Click the MAGNIFYING GLASS to view message headers, and in some cases, the HTML version of the message to further investigate an issue.

Policy Status

The Policy Status table, much like the configuration tab, is a helpful high-level overview of domain health. But in this case, you can personalize which columns display by clicking the toggle dropdown at the top right.