Seedlist Optimizer

By uploading a segment of your mailing list to the Seedlist Optimizer (patent pending), you can now receive a personalized, weighted seedlist for more accurate deliverability testing. You may find that the majority of your list goes to the “Big Four” global ISPs such as Gmail, Apple, AOL, and Hotmail. In fact, it’s not uncommon for customers to send 25 to 50 percent of their mail to Gmail. But what about the other 100+ ISPs we cover?

As the optimizer churns through your mailing list, it will tell you where your mail goes and give you complete visibility into which ISPs matter for you. Similarly, you’ll also get a better idea of which blacklists to monitor more closely and which mail clients you should optimize your campaigns around.

Once you apply this weighting to your seedlist, you’ll start seeing the “weighted” results at the bottom of your Inbox tests, providing a more accurate view into the health of your inbox placement. You can then allocate your resources based on the ISPs that matter most to you.

Click the UPLOAD LIST button to upload a new mailing list sample. You will be prompted to enter a name for your sample and upload the file. Please upload a list of recipients in a plain text file (not Excel), with one email address or domain per line (you can redact the @ and everything to its left). 250ok will not store your mailing list.

If you’d like to remove old results, use the checkboxes to the right of each optimizer result set and click the DELETE button to remove them.

Once the analysis is complete, click the VIEW RESULTS button to view the optimizer results of your mailing list sample, organized by region:

  • Each row of the results will contain a matched mailbox provider with the total count of recipients and the percentage of your list. Click the DOMAINS button to see which domains we mapped to each provider.
  • Click the EXPORT LIST button to export a .CSV file containing your optimizer results.
  • OPTIONAL – Click the APPLY WEIGHTING TO SEEDLIST button to open the apply the optimized weighting to your seedlist based on the result set.
  • We will preload the custom weighting for you based on your results. You can modify the B2C or B2B regions you’d like to include in your seedlist testing but saving the preloaded percentages will ensure accuracy.
  • Review the weighting percentage in the WEIGHT % column to ensure that weighting adds up to 100 percent; otherwise, you’ll see an error indicator preventing you from saving your seedlist.
  • Click the SAVE SEEDLIST button to save your changes.