Viewing Campaign Results

ISP Overview

  • Click the HIDE/SHOW DETAIL button to hide or show the details of each individual mailbox provider. Hiding the individual providers will roll the view up into aggregate results by region.
  • Click the EXPORT button to export a .CSV file containing the details of your test results at each provider.
  • Use the checkboxes to the right of each provider and click the DELETE button to delete individual provider results.

Campaign Diagnostics

  • The Deliverability Trends widget highlights the changes in deliverability performance of your campaign by region or receiving mailbox (ISPs).
  • The Campaign Diagnostics widget shows the diagnostic details of each campaign, such as header analysis, authentication results, etc.
  • The Authentication widget shows the aggregate SPF and DKIM Authentication results for this campaign.
  • The Time to Receive Mail widget displays information on the time of delivery for this campaign.

Email Preview

  • To view a preview of your email, select from HTML, Source, Text, Header, and Entire Message views.