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What are Integrations?

What are Integrations?

Starting with SendGrid and SparkPost, customers can now leverage the power of 250ok’s filtering and segmentation to identify trends and benchmark the performance of their email program in real time. Integrations with MTAs and additional ESPs, including Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Marketo, MessageGears, Maropost, MailGun, Amazon SES, MailChimp, and more, are also underway.

After connecting your accounts, 250ok will collect and store events so you can benchmark your performance and monitor for changes in Delivery, Bounce, Deferral, Open, and Click Rates. And like all 250ok products, you can easily filter, segment, and drill down to quickly identify the cause of delivery issues.

Managing Integrations

On the Apps & Integrations screen, you’ll see the Available Services table containing available Integrations. To connect an Integration, click the gray CONNECT button on the right.

  • If you’ve already connected an Integration and you’d like to modify your settings, click the gray SETTINGS button.
  • Connecting a new Integration will redirect you to an authentication screen where you’ll be asked for an API key or login credentials. Enter the required fields and click AUTHENTICATE to proceed.
  • If we detect existing settings with a particular Integration, we’ll ask you to backup your settings. Once you’ve backed your setting up, click PROCEED to continue.
  • Upon successful authentication, you’ll be redirected to the Integration Settings Page containing all of your accounts and the dates they were added.

Renaming or Deleting an Account

  • Click the gray SETTINGS button to see a list of connected accounts.
  • To rename an account, click the green “Account” link on the left (look for the gear icon).
  • To delete an account, click the gray DELETE button on the right.