Table of Contents

What are Reports?

The Reports section of the application includes both prebuilt and custom reporting specific to Inbox and Reputation to provide high-level summary views.

Inbox Reports

There are standard reports for campaign history, campaigns with spam, and campaigns with missing mail, etc. which can be accessed by clicking the associated RUN button in the right column.

Standard Inbox Reports

  • Campaign History – Search for campaigns by date.
  • Campaigns with Spam – Show campaigns with spam email.
  • Campaigns with Missing Mail – Show campaigns with missing email.
  • Aggregate Deliverability Statistics – Show aggregate statistics across ISPs, grouped by region.
  • Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL – Show deliverability for the big four webmail providers.
  • Gmail Tabs – Show deliverability by tab for Gmail.

Building Custom Inbox Reports

  • Use the FILTER BY dropdown menu to select the criteria of the filter. Use the PLUS SIGN button to add additional criteria.
  • To save the filter set for streamlined reporting, click the SAVE & RUN to save your report. Enter a report name with an optional description. Otherwise, click RUN.

Blacklist Reports

Blacklist reports keep high-level overviews of blacklist history and profile summaries. Click the RUN button to run a report.

  • Blacklisted Items – Show items that are currently blacklisted.
  • Previously Blacklisted – Locate blacklisted and subsequently resolved items by date range.
  • Summary by Profile – Itemized monitoring report for a specific profile.
  • Summary by Account – Itemized monitoring report for your entire account.