Creating a New Profile

To create a new profile click the ADD PROFILE button. This will take you to the Profile Setup page.

On the Profile Setup tab, enter the name for the profile. Unlimited profiles can be made and should be named accordingly to prevent confusion if multiple profiles are created. Profiles should correspond to certain IP pools or sending domains for organizational purposes.

If you want to track spam traps and phishing attempts on this profile, click the CHECKBOX to track the reputation for items in this profile. Then click NEXT. This will take you to the IPs & Domains page.

On the IPs & Domains page, select the item you wish to add. Items can be a single IP address, a single domain on dedicated IP(s), a single domain on shared (IP)s, an IP range, CIDR, TLD extension, or you can import a file.

You can add more than one item. When you have added your items, click NEXT. This will take you to the Blacklists page. Select the IP Blacklists and Domain Lists you wish to add to your profile. To exit, click the SAVE & EXIT button.

If you’d like to schedule custom alerts, click SAVE & CREATE ALERTS to go to Alerts.