Feedback Loops


The Feedback Loops screen contains widgets showing Complaints By Day, the Message Center (which shows relevant alerts), Complaints Per Hour, Complaints By Day Of Week, User Complaint Frequency, Complaints By Provider, Complaints By Subject, Complaints By IP, and Complaints By From Address. Below these widgets, you will also see a comprehensive list of complaints.

  • You can apply FILTERS to the information on the Feedback Loops Dashboard to view by Date, Subject, From Address, Recipient, IP Address, and Provider.
  • You can export the information from this module to a .CSV file by scrolling to the Complaints window and selecting EXPORT SUPPRESSION LIST.
  • Use the SHOW ENTRIES dropdown to adjust the number of complaints visible at one time.
  • Click the MAGNIFYING GLASS to view the message in question.

Enrollment Status

The Enrollment Status tab displays complaints tracked and the date of the last report for each provider.

Setup & Instructions

The Setup & Instructions tab provides users with a list of recommended feedback loops for a number of major providers, as well as instructions for sending reports to 250ok.