Campaigns Screen

The Campaigns screen provides a performance overview of your recent seedlist tests.

How to Use the FILTERS Widget

If you’ve saved custom filters or reports in the past, you can quickly load a filter set┬ábased by using the LOAD FILTERS FROM REPORT dropdown menu.

Otherwise, use the FILTER BY dropdown menu to select the criteria of the filter. Add additional criteria by clicking the PLUS SIGN button. Click FILTER to apply your filtering criteria. To save the filter set for streamlined reporting, click the SAVE FILTERS AS REPORT button and enter a report name with an optional description.

Deliverability Trend Chart

  • Mouse over individual campaigns to see emails that were delivered, went missing, or were marked as spam.
  • Switch between bar and line graph views by clicking the chart toggle switches at the top right.

Campaigns Widget

  • Use the HIDE/SHOW FILTERS button to hide or show the filtering widget.
  • Click the EXPORT CSV button to export a .CSV document containing the campaign history seen in the table.
  • Use the checkboxes to the right of each campaign and click the COMPARE CAMPAIGNS button to compare the performance of different campaigns or the DELETE button to remove campaigns.
  • Next to the subject line is the completion indicator. A gray spinning icon indicates the campaign is still processing. A green checkmark indicates the campaign is complete. Click on the campaign SUBJECT to view more details about each campaign.