Get Seedlist

In the Get Seedlist section of Inbox you can find the most up-to-date seedlist. In order for us to provide accurate results, you must send to all of of these addresses each time you want us to track a campaign. If your list is out of date, you will see an alert containing the new addresses we’ve released. We recommend updating your seedlist once a month at minimum.

  • There are two ways to copy your seedlist: click the EXPORT button to export a .CSV file or highlight all of the addresses in the text area and copy them.
  • If you’d like to include or exclude specific regions to test, click the CUSTOMIZE LIST button customize your list. You can see which ISPs are contained in a region by hovering over the appropriate green question mark.
  • OPTIONAL – Custom seedlist weighting allows you to place more importance on the email providers you send the most mail to. We recommend running the Seedlist Optimizer to weight your seedlist based on your mailing list. See the “Seedlist Optimizer” guide article.
  • Click the SAVE SEEDLIST button to save your changes.