Audience Explorer

The Audience Explorer is designed to analyze recipient-level engagement history to help you identify when people are most likely to open your mail, on what devices they like to consume your content, and most importantly, which of your customers are at-risk of disengaging.

On the Audience screen, the Recipients table provides in-depth information on your recipients. Recipients can be sorted by any of the visible columns including Email Address, Last Seen, Opens, Country, Region, and Platform, and more.

  • To load filters from a saved segment, select an option from the [Load filters from segment] dropdown.
  • To export a set of recipients, click the EXPORT button.
  • To view individual recipient information, click the recipient’s EMAIL ADDRESS.
    • You will now see historical analysis of an individual user basis including Name, Timezone, Device and Platform Usage, Risk for Disengagement, and Recent Activity (Glances, Skims, Reads, etc.).