Create or Copy Alerts

Create an Alert

  • Click the CREATE ALERT button in Alerts. This will open the Create Alert window.
  • To avoid any confusion, give the alert a name that will make it obvious that these alerts are coming from a specific application.
  • Use the PRODUCT/CATEGORY dropdown menu to select the Product/Category you wish to receive notifications for.
  • Select how you would like to be notified when this alert is triggered by clicking the checkbox next to the appropriate messaging option.
  • Use the RUN THIS ALERT dropdown menu to select the frequency with which you would like to receive notifications.
    • OPTIONAL – If you would like, select the DON’T INCLUDE REPETITIVE ITEMS IN NOTIFICATIONS checkbox. You can turn off repeating alerts by checking this box. For instance, if you are blacklisted for any reason, this option will ensure you are only notified once.
  • Click the SAVE ALERT button.

Copy an Alert

  • Find the Alert you wish to copy. Check the box to the right of the alert, and click the COPY ALERT button near the top of the screen.
  • You will now notice that there is a copy of the alert in the Alerts list. Copies of Alerts will include (copy) in the title. Example: If you copy an Alert named 1 Example Alert, the copy will be named 1 Example Alert (copy).
  • To edit your copied alert, click on the Alert labeled (COPY) – this will open the Alert window.
  • To avoid any confusion, update the name of the Alert.
  • Update the copied alert to include any new information.
  • Click the SAVE ALERT button.