Create a Design Test

To create a new Design test, click the CREATE TEST button.

There are multiple ways to create a Design test. You can choose either send your test via email, generate a test from a recent 250ok Inbox test, entering your email HTML, or by uploading a zip file. Please note that sending your test via email is the most accurate method. Follow the on-screen prompts to create your test.

  • Choosing SEND YOUR TEST VIA EMAIL allows you to create a test by mailing to a specialized address. For this option, your next step would be to send the email you wish to test to the provided address through the email platform you use when sending campaigns.
    • Click Design.
    • Click the “New Design Test” button.
    • For this example, click “Email Your Test.”
      • NOTE: If you are also sending a spam test, fill the “Include addresses to create a spam test” checkbox.
    • Copy the provided address in to your list at your ESP.
      • NOTE: Your 250ok Design Rendering address will never change.
    • Send your campaign to the 250ok Design address. Allow 10 minutes for the test to finish processing.
  • Choosing SELECT CAMPAIGN allows you to create a test by choosing from your previously created Inbox campaigns. For this option, your next step would be to click “Select” for the desired campaign.
  • Choosing ENTER EMAIL HTML allows you to create a test by copying and pasting the subject, HTML body, and text body of your email. For this option, your next step would be to enter your campaign subject and HTML email including text if desired.
  • Choosing UPLOAD A ZIP FILE allows your to upload a file containing your images and HTML.

Shortly after sending the campaign, you can click on a test to see the Design Previews, where you will be provided rendering previews of your email as well as information on potential issues with images, links, or your HTML markup. You can also flag problematic previews for review, or leave a comment mentioning your teammates to notify them of an issue. Flagged images and comments are then saved to the Activity tab to keep everyone in the loop.