View Design Test Results

Upon opening Design you will see visual representations of recent campaigns you have tested. To view the results of a test, simply click on the test.


The Screenshots tab provides screenshots for the campaign in multiple platforms and operating systems. Click on a screenshot to see a larger view of what users will see on different devices/platforms.

By clicking on different screenshots you can see a visual representation of your campaign. For this example, we are displaying a version of our daily test email in Gmail, as viewed on Firefox, from a Windows machine.

Email Preview

The Email Preview tab provides preview versions of the email in HTML, Source, and Text views.


The Optimizations tab provides tips for optimizing your email’s compatibility. By default, the tab will provide you with some information about optimizing your email message. The Optimization Tips screen will identify problems with your email and the clients they affect while providing you solutions to address these issues.

By clicking the OPTIMIZED HTML button, you can see an optimized version of the email’s code that accounts for some of the problems you saw on the Optimization Tips screen.

Images & Links

The Images & Links tab will highlight any broken links or large image files which are both universally recognized as red flags for spam. From this screen, you can also ensure your images being flagged for being too large, missing Alt Tags, and more.

Spam Audit

The Spam Audit page gives feedback for best practices that you may not be following based on known filters used by different email clients. If headers are available, you will see them displayed as well.