Configuring DMARC

To take advantage of our DMARC tool, you’ll need to create a DMARC TXT record. This record will tell ISPs to send us your aggregate DMARC reports in addition to your detailed forensic reports. You can use our DMARC Wizard to analyze and verify your DMARC record or generate a new policy for your domain.

Note: if you would prefer to receive the DMARC reports directly, you can set your email to automatically forward them to 250ok. Aggregate reports should be forwarded to and forensic reports should be forwarded to

Configuration Screen

  • The DMARC Domains table will show all of your domains currently being monitored. Alongside each domain is validation of your DMARC, SPF, and DKIM records. The seven Day Volume column indicates how many DMARC reports we’ve received over the past seven days.
  • Click the DMARC INSTRUCTIONS button for more information on creating a DMARC TXT record. You can also see this knowledge base article for further instruction.
  • Click the ADD DOMAIN button to select a domain to be added to your DMARC monitoring.
  • Use the checkboxes to the right of each profile and click the DELETE button to remove the profile from the DMARC Domains list.