Delivery Statistics

The Delivery Statistics app provides an overview of analytics performance across all mail, allowing you to see all of your mail’s performance in one easy-to-use tool.

  • Fill in the checkboxes under FILTERS to view delivery statistics for your campaigns by Date & Time, Mail Streams, Mailbox Provider, From Address, To Address, Recipient Domain, IP Address, Tag, Attempt, userid, project_name, template_name, campaign_id, variation, campaign_title, recipient_domain, email_subject, series_title, message_id, subject, attempts, timeInQueue, bounceCode, message, ipPool, sendingIP, groupId, nlvx_user_id, and nlvx_campaign_id

    • Click the FILTER button to apply one or more filters.

  • The Overview widget displays the total number of messages sent during the specified time period, as well as the number of messages that were delivered, deferred, bounced, opened, and clicked.

    • Click the Auto-Refresh toggle to enable or disable automatic refreshing of delivery data.

  • The Delivery Statistics widget displays a line graph detailing the number of messages, as well as the number of delivered, deferred, bounced, opened, clicked, and unsubscribed messages. Click the buttons along the top of the widget to break out different graphs.

  • The Message Center widget details relevant delivery statistic information, such as the changes in percentage of delivered messages, bounces, deferrals, not sent messages, open rates, and click rates.

  • The Top Mailbox Providers widget provides information on sent and delivered mail, while also showing bounces, deferrals, opens, and clicks across all mailbox providers.

  • The Filtered Mail and Addresses widget will display how much of your mail has been filtered, along with the reason for filtering. More information is available by clicking the field under “Reason.”

  • The Time to Deliver widget breaks out time to deliver statistics by  0-3 minutes, 4-6 minutes, 7-15 minutes, 16-60 minutes, and over 61 minutes.

  • The Bounce Analysis widget provides detailed information on blocks, hard bounces, soft bounces, and unknown bounces while also providing classifications and descriptions of blocks. Click the buttons along the top for different views.

  • The IP Performance widget tracks performance by IP and rDNS. Delivered, bounced, and deferred mail performance are displayed by real numbers and percentage.