Maximize Deliverability and Security to Optimize Email Marketing

August 15, 2019

Email marketing is about maximizing your customers’ interactions with your business. To ensure users are seeing and opening your messages, they need to be secure, valuable and actionable.

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250ok Releases Email Validation Tool

July 30, 2019

250ok Validation is the sixth feature to be added to 250ok’s expanding platform, joining Inbox, Reputation, DMARC, Analytics, and Design.

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New 250ok Validation Software Finds Fewer False-Positive and False-Negative Email Address Verification Results

According to benchmark tests run by 250ok, on average, 250ok Validation is up to 40% better at finding undeliverable addresses and returned 9-15 times less “unknown” results, with up to 99.5% of competitors’ unknown results returning as Verified Valid.

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250ok adds email validation feature

In testing 250ok Validation, against competing validations tools, 250ok discovered data suggesting other vendors are underreporting valid addresses, leading marketers to misclassify them as undeliverable.

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250ok Releases New Email Validation Feature; Improves Insights to Optimize Email Campaigns

250ok’s entry into the validation market, currently including companies like BriteVerify (Validity), FreshAddress, and Neverbounce, marks another diversification to complement their single-point email data solution.

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Report Finds That 80% of Companies Leave Customer Data Vulnerable

July 17, 2019

250ok’s Global DMARC Adoption 2019 report analyzed domains across multiple sectors including education, e-commerce, Fortune 500, US government (Executive, Legislative and Judicial), the China Hot 100, the top 100 law firms, international nonprofits, the SaaS 1000, financial services, and travel.

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Who Has The Best Email Security? The Executive Branch

July 16, 2019

Fortune 500 companies are the laggards when it comes to employing proper security mechanisms, according to Global DMARC Adoption 2019, a study by 250ok.

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Phishing alert: 80% of companies lack DMARC policies to protect against spoofing

“Given the information available on the risks associated with leaving your domain unprotected, it’s shocking the number of brands that still don’t understand the importance of DMARC,” Matthew Vernhout, director of privacy at 250ok, said in a press release.

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As Phishing Scams Evolve, Law Firms Lead Way in DMARC Defense

A new report released on Tuesday by the email analytics platform 250ok found that more global law firms are adopting domain-based message authentication, reporting and conformance, or DMARC, solutions designed to help authenticate emails and protect against spoofing.

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Why Your Brand Needs to Identify a Brand Character

July 11, 2019

Identifying a brand character establishes this brand trust by allowing immediate infusion of trust cues from a familiar (and trustworthy) persona into messaging.

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