How Can I Receive 250ok Alerts in HipChat?

  1. Log into your HipChat account by visiting
    1. If you don’t already have a HipChat account please visit to create one.
  2. Click the Integrations button located near the top of your screen on your HipChat dashboard.hipchat-250ok-alert-center-1
  3. Select the ChatRoom that should receive the notifications.
  4. Click Build Your Own Integration.hipchat-250ok-alert-center-2
  5. To avoid any confusion, give the notification bot a name that will make it obvious you are receiving alerts from 250ok and then click Create.hipchat-250ok-alert-center-3
  6. Copy your Notification URL.hipchat-250ok-alert-center-4
  7. Login to the 250ok platform by visiting
  8. Select Alerts from the 250ok app dashboard.250ok-alert-center-2
  9. Click the Create Alert button. This will open the Create Alert window.250ok-alert-center-create-alert
  10. To avoid any confusion, give the alert a name that will make it obvious that these alerts going to HipChat.
  11. Use the Product/Category dropdown menu to select the Product/Category you wish to receive notifications for.
  12. Click the Notify me via HipChat checkbox and enter the HipChat Webhook URL.hipchat-250ok-alert-center
  13. Use the Run This Alert dropdown menu to select the frequency with which you would like to receive notifications.
    1. OPTIONAL: If you would like, select the Don’t include repetitive items in notifications checkbox. You can turn off repeating alerts by checking this box. For instance, if you are blacklisted for any reason, this option will ensure you are only notified once.
  14. Click the Save Alert button.

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