Copying Alerts in 250ok

  1. Login to the 250ok platform by visiting
  2. Select Alerts from the 250ok app dashboard.250ok-alert-center-2


  3. Find the Alert you wish to copy, check the box to the right of the alert, and click the Copy Alert button near the top of the screen.250ok-alert-center-copy-alert-1


  4. You will now notice that there is a copy of the alert in the Alerts list. Copies of Alerts will include (copy) in the title. Example: If you copy an Alert named 1 Example Alert the copy will be named 1 Example Alert (copy).250ok-alert-center-copy-alert-2


  5. To edit your copied alert, click on the Alert labeled (copy) – this will open the Alert window.250ok-alert-center-copy-alert-3


  6. To avoid any confusion, update the name of the Alert.
  7. Update the copied alert to include any new information.250ok-alert-center-copy-alert-4


  8. Click the Save Alert button.

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