Copying Alerts in 250ok

  1. Login to the 250ok platform by visiting
  2. Select Alerts from the 250ok app dashboard.
  3. Find the Alert you wish to copy, check the box to the right of the alert, and click the Copy Alert button near the top of the screen.
  4. You will now notice that there is a copy of the alert in the Alerts list. Copies of Alerts will include (copy) in the title. Example: If you copy an Alert named 1 Example Alert the copy will be named 1 Example Alert (copy).
  5. To edit your copied alert, click on the Alert labeled (copy) – this will open the Alert window.
  6. To avoid any confusion, update the name of the Alert.
  7. Update the copied alert to include any new information.
  8. Click the Save Alert button.

If you have any questions simply open your 250ok Settings Menu and select “Contact Support” under Help Center or contact 250ok Support.

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