How do I sign up for Signal Spam?

What is Signal Spam?

Signal Spam is a non for profit association and a public-private partnership acting as a Spam National Reporting Center and a data feed provider. ISP, Law Enforcements and Public Agencies, ESP, E-Mail Security Vendors, Marketers and Reputation providers can join the Association.

Signal Spam collects spam reports (full source and header) from end users through e-mail clients plugins (outlook, thunderbird, mac mail), web browsers plugins (chrome, safari, firefox) compatible with Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL, SFR,, Outlook, and online submission at

How do I get Signal Spam data?

To become a member, a company needs to submit a detailed joining request to Signal Spam’s Board, and comply to the association’s code of ethics available in French by clicking here.

Once you’ve submitted, there are multiple membership tiers to choose from. The basic “Support” membership (1500€) is eligible for the feedback loop data feed.

To submit a membership request, contact Signal Spam’s General Secretary, Thomas Fontvielle, at

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