How is 250ok’s open pixel different than my ESP?

It really depends on the ESP. However, we’ve seen a number of pixels that simply track a blanket “opens” count across a particular campaign. With 250ok’s pixel, we measure read time, engagement, geolocation, devices and email clients, and more.

When measuring engagement and drawing conclusions, senders need a comprehensive tracking pixel that not only breaks down readership by campaign, but also by date range. Up to this point, many of the pixels we’ve seen are very limited in how the data is consumed. Whether you want to measure engagement on a specific campaign or across a multi-day timeframe, our pixel’s flexibility is hard to match.

In the coming weeks, 250ok is going to bake in even more flexibility, such as custom parameters and recipient-centric reporting. And most importantly, with the 250ok pixel living inside of the product suite, you’re able to pair your engagement data with other 250ok components, such as reputation and inbox placement.

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