What is 250ok Mission Control?

250ok Mission Control Overview from 250ok on Vimeo.

Mission Control offers a bird’s-eye view of your 250ok account, pulling all of your critical email data into a single, convenient interface.

Sending Domain and IP Snapshots provide a holistic view of the health of your infrastructure, offering up color-coded health indicators and real-time performance data.

Sending Domain Snapshot provides details on your DMARC policy, displays recent authentication performance, verifies your MX Records and Abuse.net entries, and ensures your domain is monitored by one of your 250ok Reputation profiles. IP Snapshot provides Reputation details including DNS Issues, Blacklistings, recent SNDS spam filter results, and again, verifies the item is actively monitored by your 250ok Reputation profiles.

The Inbox Health section contains widgets detailing various aspects of your 250ok Inbox performance. Seedslist Results provides information on seed test performance by day, performance by campaign, and SPF and DKIM authentication trends. Authentication breaks out your SPF and DKIM authentication averages over 30 days. Worst Provider details your spam and missing or blocked mail across mailbox providers alongside their 30-day trends

Reputation Snapshot summarizes multiple important reputation metrics, including blacklisted items, and trap hits by from domain, from address, IP address, and subject line over the last 30 days. Spam Trap Trend provides users with the ability to view trap hits over a 30-day period by individual profile, or an aggregate of all profiles.

DMARC Compliance provides a high-level overview of DMARC, in addition to the most common mail sources responsible for non-compliant or unauthenticated mail.

Mission Control is now available to all direct customers with Inbox and Reputation subscriptions at no additional charge.

Open your 250ok Settings Menu and select “Contact Support” under Help Center or contact 250ok Support if you have any questions about 250ok Mission Control.

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