What is a merge / personalization tag?

A merge tag (or personalization tag, replacement token, etc.) is a dynamic field provided by your email service provider to inject dynamic content in your campaigns.


  • *|EMAIL|* (MailChimp)
  • {{Email-Address}} (Act-On)
  • %%emailaddr%% (ExactTarget)
  • {{lead.Email Address:default=noemail}} (Marketo)
  • $SUBSCRIBER.EMAIL$ (Constant Contact)
  • %%!message_id%% (Bronto)
  • *|CAMPAIGN_UID|* (MailChimp)
  • <%= message.campaign_id %> (Adobe Campaign)

In the context of Analytics, your analytics pixel is designed to track two merge tags: email address and campaign ID.

The email address merge tag helps us track recipient-level engagement data, while the campaign ID helps us sort the information for you on the backend.

When setting up your tracking pixel, we have a number of ESPs already included in our application that can you select from the dropdown. If your ESP doesn’t exist on our list, please let our support team know.

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