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The email landscape has changed. Maximizing performance requires a new way of managing email.


Why have companies like SendGrid, Marketo, SparkPost, and Adobe become customers of 250ok?

  • Advanced analytics on email deliverability, sender reputation, consumer engagement, and abuse (DMARC)
  • Monitor sender reputation by your domain(s) regardless if you send on shared IPs, dedicated IPs, or┬áboth
  • Personalized seed testing with the broadest international ISP coverage in the industry
  • Proprietary spam trap monitoring across our network containing millions of domains
  • Comprehensive analysis of email engagement and platform/device usage
  • Real-time feedback loop monitoring to track and suppress complaints
  • Sophisticated deliverability reporting by ISP, region, and more
  • Unlimited custom dashboards to monitor what matters to you
  • Blacklist monitoring by IP & domain with custom alerts
  • Expert deliverability consulting services available

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Trusted by #SeriousSenders

Marketo Adobe SendGrid SparkPost Dyn Act-On

"250ok helps us quickly identify senders who may not be getting optimized delivery results. This way the team can focus on working with customers instead of reviewing piles of data."

Kiersti Esparza
Privacy Team Manager at Marketo

"250ok is one of our go-to research tools to help us manage our large group of email clients. From SNDS data to blacklist alerts, it's a must-have for our team."

Josh Nason
Email Reputation Manager, Dyn

"[250ok] provides reliable real-time information to help us keep our email flowing smoothly ... amazingly useful in identifying issues before they become big problems."

Vick Khera
Co-Founder & CTO, MailerMailer

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