April 18, 2019

Case Study: PeopleConnect now receives actionable insights from homegrown system by using 250ok.

PeopleConnect, an online social networking service comprised of two products, Classmates and Intelius, uses an in-house solution to send email rather than an email service provider (ESP). 250ok’s all-in-one platform allowed Lori Deregt, marketing manager, to holistically manage Intelius from a single-point solution and customize the dashboard to focus on what she cares about most. […]

April 17, 2019

Help! My email is 100% missing? Where did you put it?!

One of the most common questions reported by our users is also one of the most maddening to experience as a sender: A campaign is showing as 100% missing. What does this mean? Is this test still processing? Did everyone drop this? More to the point; what value does this even offer? After all, how […]

April 11, 2019

Email on Tap Episode Five, with Kandice Carlson, Retail Solutions Product Marketing, Google Cloud

Anthony Chiulli, 250ok’s director of product marketing, conducted one more interview while at Shoptalk in Las Vegas! He spoke to Kandice Carlson, retail solutions product marketing, Google Cloud on the exhibit hall floor. Anthony and Kandice discussed the ever-buzzy AI and machine learning technology as it can apply to marketing, how brands successfully connect with […]

April 10, 2019

Introducing Mission Control, your email performance digest.

Come in, Star Command. Star Command, can you read me? Well…Ok, we may not be shipping rockets into space or defeating the evil Emperor Zurg, but we share your goal of world-class email performance. Meet Mission Control, the front page of your email “morning paper.” Mission Control offers a bird’s-eye view of your 250ok account, […]

April 3, 2019

WHOOP, there it is! Matthew Vernhout named eec’s Email Marketer Thought Leader of the Year!

We’ve been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to write this post for a long time now, but finally, the moment is nigh. Matthew Vernhout, 250ok’s director of privacy and industry relations, has been named the 2019 Email Experience Council (eec) Email Marketer Thought Leader of the Year! via GIPHY This award is given to an individual […]

[Infographic] Global Privacy Relationship Status: It’s Complicated

I recently gave a presentation on global privacy regulations to a post-graduate marketing class and one of the things I noticed while preparing was that even within a single country, privacy is complicated. On a global scale, it is really complicated. For example, Canada has one federal private sector privacy law, three similar provincial laws, […]

April 1, 2019

Announcing 250ok Design’s newest device rendering…

We know its important that you see how your emails will be viewed by your audience, and that’s exactly what 250ok Design’s email rendering does. But did you know that 1 in 4* iPhone owners are viewing your emails on a cracked screen? How do you know if your hard work will be viewable on […]

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