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Recurring Consulting Services

Regardless if you're a 250ok software user or not, our email strategists work with you to build a customized solution for your email program. From set-up, to monitoring, to reporting, we do the heavy lifting that yields key insights so you achieve world-class performance.

One-Time Projects

Many of our recurring consulting services customers started off with a one-time project. Whether you have junk folder placement at Gmail, need an IP-warming strategy, or just want a deliverability audit, one-time projects are pain-free way to get started with 250ok Experts.

Deliverability Consulting & Services

Email Health Check

With a focus on business policies, the Deliverability Audit will provide a comprehensive report on the five pillars of your email program: compliance, infrastructure, content and design, reputation, and data hygiene.

Monitoring & Remediation

With our Deliverability Monitoring & Remediation Package, we detect and repair deliverability issues (blacklistings, feedback loops, etc.) to keep emails flowing to the recipient's inbox, and keep you generating revenue.

Audits for ESPs

Get a comprehensive report on the state of your ESP, including: internal documentation and procedures, customer vetting, sending infrastructure and practices, volume throttling, reputation monitoring, and more.

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Authentication, Privacy & Compliance

Certified privacy experts review your entire email program to ensure best practices.

Email Authentication

The Email Authentication Package includes a review of your IP and domain email authentication, including SPF and DKIM. We analyze your email headers and validate that the emails are signing both IP and domain authentication. We also provide you details and work with your IT department to get IP and domain authentication setup for your email marketing program.

DMARC Deployment & Monitoring

With the DMARC Deployment & Monitoring Package, we work with you and your IT department to set up the appropriate DNS records for DMARC. Afterwards, we start to collect data for your brand to help reduce the potential for spam and phishing. We provide easy-to-read reporting for you to see which IP addresses are sending out emails on behalf of your brand and domain.

Privacy & Compliance

The next step up from our Deliverability Audit is the Email Privacy & Compliance Package. Our deliverability and certified privacy experts will look at your privacy policy, data collection methods, retention and destruction practices to ensure compliance with Canada's Anti-Spam Law (CASL) and Europe's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) policies.

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Migrating From Return Path Certification

Receive a full vetting of Return Path Certification's actual impact on your current program and identify risks – if any exist – to consider as we migrate your program off Certification with no issues and onto the new standard of a best‐practice‐based deliverability model.

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