250ok for Deliverability Teams

Monitor 100+ ISPs and millions of trap domains for unparalleled, real-time visibility.

73% of businesses report encountering email deliverability problems. How many of these email programs are stuck using yesterday’s tools to manage the problems of today? With 250ok, you gain real-time visibility for a cohesive picture of your email program.

A fresh approach to managing email

We designed 250ok based on a modern approach to email deliverability. For example, by combining our seedlist optimization tool with recipient-centric engagement analytics, our customers quickly discover insights that can be difficult and time consuming to discover with other offerings.

Detailed reputation monitoring

250ok Reputation analyzes billions of messages and records a proprietary spam trap network containing millions of domain to provide you with unparalleled visibility. The days of simply relying on ambiguous trap counts are over. Enjoy a centralized suite for real-time feedback loop reporting, blacklist monitoring, spam trap hits, phishing abuse, and more.

Informative diagnostics

Stop focusing on obscure averages and panel data from ISPs you never send to. Most traditional seed testing tools treat all receiving mailboxes as equals, but 250ok Inbox is tailored to your mail stream to ensure accuracy across the broadest international & B2B seed coverage in the industry.

Protect your brand with 250ok DMARC

With a 250% surge in phishing attacks over the past year, protecting your customers and brand has become a priority. We designed our dashboard to demystify DMARC and guide you through implementing your own policy with ease. We analyze your compliance and suggest corrective action, ultimately guiding you towards a quarantine or reject policy.

Learn more about how 250ok simplifies DMARC deployment.

Forge a stronger partnership.

“Be the type of partner you want to do business with,” is what we believe. The first step begins by offering the most progressive deliverability and DMARC tools available at a fair price. From there, we empower our partners to resell or refer through ongoing training, dedicated support, and a promise to never compete for business. We are the partner you’ve been waiting for.

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