250ok for Email Ops

Oversee your entire infrastructure to detect abuse, authentication failures, and reputation issues.

Don’t settle for antiquated tools or an outdated internal platform. Leverage 250ok’s actionable dashboards designed with your time and resources in mind.

Keep tabs on your network

250ok Reputation analyzes billions of messages and proactively records a proprietary spam trap network containing millions of domain to provide you unparalleled visibility. The days of simply relying on ambiguous trap counts are over. Enjoy a centralized suite for real-time feedback loop reporting, blacklist monitoring, spam trap hits, phishing abuse, and more.

Get real-time insight

Stop focusing on obscure averages and panel data from ISPs you never send to. Most traditional seed testing tools treat all receiving mailboxes as equals, but 250ok Inbox is tailored to your mail stream to ensure accuracy. Robust international and B2B seed coverage? Check. Granular authentication, diagnostics, and inbox placement reports? Check. All in real-time.

Leverage continuous innovation

We innovate so you don’t have to. We are conscious of your time, budget, and resources while relying on your input to improve our tools and solve new problems. That’s why we built personalized features like 250ok Alerts and Deliverability Dashboards. It’s our belief that great solutions demand customers willing to share and vendors willing to listen. We’re all ears.

Deploy and monitor DMARC across your entire network

The Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) observed a record-breaking 250% surge in phishing attacks in early 2016. To help you protect your customers, we designed 250ok DMARC to demystify deployment and guide you through implementing your own policy with ease. Our platform supports monitoring across any number of domains to track compliance with mail streams of any size. And most importantly, our team of experts will help you every step on your path to compliance and protection.

Built for ops teams.

Comprehensive analytics

Quickly detect fraudulent mailing activity and see which of your IPs, email addresses, and domains are sending the most unauthorized mail.

Custom Alerting

250ok Alerts provides absolute flexibility in customizing your alerts to bring critical issues to your attention as they happen.

Easy integration

We make all of our data and tools available via API and webhooks, backed by a comprehensive API guide, knowledge base, and an expert support team.

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