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250ok Inbox

Measure your inbox placement, not just deliverability. 250ok Inbox provides the visibility you need to understand where your mail is going and why. Unparalleled seed coverage, personalized testing, informative diagnostics, and custom alerts keep you landing in the inbox.

250ok Reputation

The most comprehensive tool for email reputation monitoring, 250ok Reputation helps you monitor feedback loops, spam trap hits, phishing attempts, and DMARC deployment with unmatched visibility and granularity. Protect your brand. Protect your customers.

250ok DMARC

Worldwide, over 80% of consumer accounts are protected by DMARC, approaching 90% in the US. 250ok DMARC was designed to guide you through implementing your own policy with ease.

250ok Analytics

Measure and optimize your engagement. Did your customers read your email in length or simply skim through it? By embedding a simple tracking pixel in your emails, 250ok Analytics makes it easy to measure how your recipients interact with your campaigns.

250ok Design

Ensure design consistency by previewing your campaign in 30+ email clients and devices. As new devices and applications are constantly introduced, it’s increasingly difficult to ensure consistent design and user experience across your campaigns.

250ok Blacklist

Blacklisted sending IPs or domains can dramatically alter your ability to deliver mail to your customers. That's why 250ok Blacklist was designed with the flexibility and speed to notify you of listings as soon as possible via SMS or email notifications.

Feature Highlights

Feedback Loops

250ok offers the industry's first centralized, comprehensive feedback loop monitoring tool to provide actionable feedback and an unparelleled view into your complaint rate trends.

Custom Dashboards

We’ve combined all of your deliverability, reputation, and engagement data from all of our products into one intuitive, configurable interface. You can drag and drop, resize, and personalize your reporting dashboards to track what matters to you.

250ok Alerts

Create any number of custom alerts to automate your deliverability monitoring. Like CRM rules, 250ok Alerts trigger automated messages based on sets of custom rules you define, at the frequency of your choosing.

Seedlist Optimizer

Deliverability tools have traditionally treated all mailbox providers as equals. An industry first, the optimizer analyzes and identifies the composition of your mailing list to personalize your seed testing around your outbound mail stream.

ISP Health Report

You can utilize the ISP Health Report to identify ISP-specific service issues across the 250ok community. Using our real-time community benchmark, you can be in the know and be aware of widespread delivery issues before you send.

Trusted by #SeriousSenders

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"250ok helps us quickly identify senders who may not be getting optimized delivery results. This way the team can focus on working with customers instead of reviewing piles of data."

Kiersti Esparza
Privacy Team Manager at Marketo

"250ok is one of our go-to research tools to help us manage our large group of email clients. From SNDS data to blacklist alerts, it's a must-have for our team."

Josh Nason
Email Reputation Manager, Dyn

"[250ok] provides reliable real-time information to help us keep our email flowing smoothly ... amazingly useful in identifying issues before they become big problems."

Vick Khera
Co-Founder & CTO, MailerMailer

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