Great Presentation = Happier Customers

As new devices and applications are constantly introduced, it's increasingly difficult to ensure consistent design and user experience across your campaigns.

Ensure Quality

You've spent countless hours assembling your creative. 250ok Design helps you ensure that it's presented to your customers in the way you envisioned. Effective, optimized communication means highly engaged recipients.

Fix Broken Images & Links

Large file sizes, broken images or links, and invalid markup are just a few issues we'll help you fix. 250ok's optimization engine provides actionable feedback and suggestions on how to optimize your campaign for success.

Test Common Spam Filters

250ok Design tests your creative against common spam filters including Barracuda, Symantec, Spam Assassin, Outlook, and many more so you can identify and fix spam triggers before deploying your campaign.

250ok works with any email service provider

MailChimp Salesforce Act-On Marketo Adobe SendGrid Maropost SparkPost

How email previewing works:


Test any campaign or template

You can easily create a test by importing templates from your email service provider or by uploading your campaign's HTML.


We'll capture the screenshots

Using the industry's leading rendering providers – Litmus and Email on Acid - we'll capture email previews in more than 70 clients and devices.


Review the results

Identify issues before you send by combining your email previews and spam filter results alongside 250ok's world-class deliverability tools.

Resources for #SeriousSenders

Deliverability 101: Monitoring Blacklists and Spam Traps

Email blacklists and spam traps aren’t new, so whether you’re an email veteran or just getting started, you have probably heard of blacklists. You may have even heard of spam traps. However, few people have a true understanding of what they actually are, how they work, or how a sender should monitor them. Join them: […]

Deliverability 101: What is an IP address?

After our exploration into DNS, IP addresses were mentioned several times and I started thinking, “Maybe I need to explain IP addresses in more detail.” So here we are. What are IP addresses? An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a number assigned to any device connected to the internet. When sending email, internet service providers […]

DMARC adoption rates very low across most industries.

This year, we made it a priority to analyze the adoption of Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) in industries using email as a key means of communication and business growth. We looked at the domains of the SaaS 1000, top law firms, nonprofit organizations (NPOs), higher education institutions, top Chinese brands, and e-retailers […]

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